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Mission Model Measure has been created by Social Value Lab and the Social Enterprise Institute as part of the Social Enterprise Ecosystem (S4ES) project. We have developed it with support from the Government of Canada. The support package has been designed for organizations that exist to benefit society – social enterprises, purpose-led businesses, and enterprising non-profits. We use the term ‘social enterprise’ throughout to refer to these organizations.

The tools and resources provided have been developed to explain how to measure your social impact and help you improve your impact practice.

By social impact we mean the difference your work makes to people or the environment.

By impact practice we mean the things your organization can do to focus on, measure, and grow the social impact of your work. Among other things, good impact practice includes:

·      being clear about your social mission – the difference you want to make,

·      planning to achieve your desired results,

·      collecting information about your performance in an effective way, and

·      telling others about the difference you make in a balanced and compelling way.

To make a start, take our impact practice self-assessment. This covers all the basics of good practice and it’s fun and straightforward to do. It helps you to compare, or benchmark, your practice with that of similar organizations. It also gives you a report that sets out where you are right now and what you need to work on.

Based on your assessment results, we will tell you about guidance, courses and tools that are relevant to you.

You can also explore our impact practice resources and online learning package if you know what you’re looking for or you want to go deeper.