10. Using Evidence to Grow Impact /

10.1 Learning as you go


We share results with the team to help us to keep improving.

To meet the standard in full, you share results regularly with everyone in your team to extend learning, motivate people, and bring about improvements. This has become routine practice, not a separate task.

Impact evidence is only as good as the use you put it too. So, find ways to share evidence within your team and use it to support learning, decision-making, and ongoing improvement.

Ensure that you share the available evidence with everyone inside of your social enterprise, including directors, managers and frontline staff. Tap into the knowledge, insights, and talents of all of your team.

Think about how best to communicate this evidence internally. Remember communication is best as a two-way process, so try to create opportunities for people to reflect on and discuss their learning.

Remember that impact information on its own will rarely tell you exactly what you need to do, but it can help indicate where things are going well and where improvement is needed.

Where the evidence tells you that things are working well, and your work is making a difference, try to take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate your achievements. This can help to increase the motivation of the people involved in making the changes.

However, there will also be areas where things haven’t gone as expected – where results have been disappointing. It’s usually best to address this openly, and welcome it as an opportunity to learn.

You may find that through good discussion you can identify new and better ways of achieving your intended outcomes. Alternatively, you might find that your planned outcomes were unrealistic and need adjusted.

Remember, it is the efforts of your team that are critical to achieving impact, so use the evidence you have to create a learning culture and ensure everyone is working together to make improvements.