6. Collecting Useful Information /

6.3 Organising your data collection


We collect information in a planned and co-ordinated way.

To meet the standard in full, you are clear on what information you will collect, how you will collect it, when you will collect it, and who will collect it. Your plan is widely understood and supported by your team.

Once you have identified the different data collection methods you will use, you will need to plan what to collect and when.

Where possible build on the systems and practices already in place. You are probably already collecting data in some form.

You can use the Data Collection Plan template provided to identify those indicators where your organization already has suitable arrangements in place, where changes to existing systems might be necessary, and where new methods are required.

What data will you need to show progress? What methods will be used to collect data? When will you collect the data? Who will be responsible?
Performance Indicator 1
Performance Indicator 2
Performance Indicator 3

A planned approach will usually require you to work through the following steps:

  • List your performance indicators. 
  • Identify the most appropriate methods and tools to show progress.
  • Agree who will be responsible for the various activities.
  • Determine the data that will be collected and how frequently.

Think practically about the time and money required to implement your data collection plan. Activities quickly add up and everything comes with a cost. If you think you are taking too much on, consider ways to prioritize or scale back.