Self Assessment Test – Introduction

What does the self-assessment cover?

This assessment takes you through 10 aspects to effective impact practice:

1. Establishing your mission
2. Defining your business model
3. Identifying your value proposition
4. Planning your intended change
5. Using performance measures
6. Collecting useful information
7. Gauging performance and impact
8. Reporting on results
9. Communicating with impact
10. Using evidence to grow impact

You should consider all of these things if you want to show your organization is performing well and achieving impacts (social, economic and environmental), and lives up to its ideals and values.

We explain each part as you go through the self assessment.

How do I take the test?

Work through the 10 stages that follow each animation. Carefully consider the 5 statements on best practice shown in each stage. Then rate your current practice:

We don’t do this at all
We’ve just started
We’re making good progress
We do all of this

More Information

More information about the good practice each statement refers to is provided to help you assess your situation.

Please take time to add notes and comments next to your responses. These will remind you of your thoughts when you return to them later or share the results with others.

What result will I get?

At the end of test, you can view your total score and the detailed results in a customisable dashboard.

From this, you can benchmark your practice with similar organisations and look for areas to improve.

You will also get an impact practice report to help you reflect on your practice. We will direct you to more tools, templates and tips that are especially relevant for you.

Your results will also give you access to relevant online courses from the Social Enterprise Institute and associated coaching support.

Sounds good? Let’s begin the assessment!

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