The Common Foundations of Impact Measurement

Get a quick overview of the Common Foundations of Impact Measurements from this learning content produced by the Social Enterprise Institute. It will help you understand the basic standards and practices that all social purpose organizations can aspire to.


Start off by exploring what impact measurement is and some of the benefits. Learn about the Common Foundations of Impact measurement and take away practical insights into planning, measuring, managing and communicating your impact.

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Plan Your Intended Change

Learn more about how to plan the change that you want to bring about in the world. You will need some sort of plan that sets out how, and why, your work will bring about change. The purpose of the plan is to focus your measurement efforts.

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Use Performance Indicators

Learn more about how you can use performance measures to guide your work and ensure you make an impact. Performance measures help you to assess how well your work is carried out, and what effects it brings about.

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Collect Useful Information

Learn how to collect the information you will need to improve your work and demonstrate that you are making progress. You need to decide what information will be useful and then collect the information regularly and in a consistent way.

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Gauge Performance and Impact

Learn how to assemble and analyze data to gain new insights about what works and about how well you are doing. You can only gain these insights by reviewing your evidence regularly and as a team.

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Report On Results

Learn how to use the information you collect to produce a balanced account of your work, and the difference it makes. The information you report will help you make better decisions about what to do next, and communicate your impact clearly and persuasively to others.

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